Membership Application

Membership Details

Becoming a member of the ZCCNE means you are joining one of the 40 member clubs of the ZCCA.  The camaraderie, memories, friendships, and stories are the most valuable things you will gain from joining the club. But below are some additional perks:

Annual Membership of $30 USD per primary household member. $10 per additional member. 

Membership Perks 

Where Your Membership Dues and Merch Sales Go:

100% of your investment into the club goes directly into events and equipment needed to provide enjoyable and successful events throughout the year. 

Membership Expectations:

Members of the Z Car Club of New England as well as other members of Z Car Club Association represent Nissan in many facets. Public actions such as hooning or illegal activities at events could end in potentially revoked membership. This does NOT mean we condone having a good time. There is a time and place and we want to represent our community positively. We have fun cars for a reason.  Please keep your actions and social media posts tasteful to reflect our club and the Z Car Club Association.